Is it Wednesday already? How time flies. I guess this means it’s time for another instalment of 3D Wednesday. Now who do we have today? It’s Hinako Sando. Hope you like!

Hinako Sano

Hinako Sano

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My bag is a part of who I am. It goes where I go and rarely leaves my sight. And people know it. Last year I posted to Facebook a photo of the 400+ crowd at the Scandal Encore Show autograph session in Singapore and asked friends to find me. Within minutes I was found. My Onitsuka Tiger bag gave it away.

That bag has pretty much gone now. The leather started to peel, the zip broke, and it was so tiny. In it’s place is the HEX laptop bag which only has this MacBook Pro inside when I’m boarding the plane. So what’s inside my bag? Here’s a quick look.

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

What's In My Bag?

Basically, everything I need to get through my day lives inside. Today there’s :

  • Three magazines – Wheels, Motor and Top Gear – instead of the usual one as the last two come in the mail today.
  • A mechanical pencil with extra erasers and lead (but no notepad to write in)
  • A first aid mask
  • The iPad mini with FOUR charging cables
  • An 8GB USB drive
  • Eclipse mints
  • Some Calcium + Vitamin D effervescent tablets
  • A Canon Powershot G9 camera
  • Miscellaneous coinage
  • A 1TB external hard drive
  • A bottle of Intimately Beckham EDT
  • A MythBusters keychain
  • A Mintia rattle/shaker
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

And that’s it. Almost everything in my bag does me well, but the Mintia thingy is only there for looks. I got it with some lollies in Japan, and it kinda gets annoying when walking along and all you can hear is an awful rattling noise. I’m not sure why I need to carry around four cables either, not when I’ve got spares at work, home and in the car.

Missing from the photo is another external drive – that’s where my iTunes library lives, and it’s currently playing some strange music I don’t listen to often (Macdonald Duck Eclair).

Well, that’s what’s happening inside my bag. The iPad only comes along for the ride when I’m away from home for extended periods, and the camera, it’s a spare. I guess I could always use my phone to do photos, but I’d much rather lose the Canon than an iPhone.


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Has the world gone mad? Yes. Yes it has. And I’m not a big fan of it. Whatever happened to good things happening in the news? Everything today is about death and destruction, doom and gloom, us vs. them…  and I’m not talking about how the iPhone 6+ bends so you should buy a Samsung instead (not that I would. I registered my Samsung fridge, and they keep emailing me to buy a Galaxy phone.)

The one that freaks me out the most is terrorism. I’m not sure if it’s because the media (TV, online, print) want to create fear mongering or if they’re just reporting news. I don’t want to live in a society where people automatically assume someone of Arab appearance or who wears traditional Muslim clothing is going to do something rash, whether it be stabbing, beheading or detonating a bomb, just because of what they heard on the morning news. I don’t want to live in a society where vigilantes take it upon themselves to harm innocent people because they practice a different faith, because they’re a different race.


To me, Muslims and Arabs these days are the Asians of the 1990s – a group of people we fear will take over the place and want their traditional customs recognised. Remember we had to fear the so-called Asian Invasion? Oh no, Zei Xiao, Anh Huynh and Takumi Sugimoto are taking our jobs! Probably because they do a better job and don’t whinge about everything. After the second World War, many Europeans migrated to Australia and fit they in. The Asians came a bit later and they fit in too. Soon, Arabs and Muslims will join them (if they’re not already).

The “we grew here, you flew here” mentality never fails to irk me, spesh when it fills my Facebook feed day in, day out. Because of Muslims your kids can’t celebrate Christmas at school, right? Wrong. Blame the school and the do-good crowd who don’t want to offend people who could not care less if we celebrated Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas for anyway? I understand Christians doing it, but religion in Australia isn’t that big, so to me, Christmas shouldn’t be that big. Maybe that’s me just whinging because I’ll most likely be working over Christmas and have to clean up after everyone (and they always have enough junk to fill two wheelie bins. But that’s another whinge for another day.)

Then there was this boy in Melbourne the other day who was shot by police. That, I don’t feel sorry for him. His family, sure, but him, no. Had I stabbed two police officers, I’m sure I’d have been shot. That the boy had been parading around the shops with an ISIS-like flag and camouflage gear is irrelevant. He stabbed two police, they fired back.

This is the time the Muslim leaders and role models of youngsters should be calling for calm, denouncing this boy’s actions (as well as retaliation) promote harmony amongst the community and more important, prove us wrong. Show Australia that Muslims and Arabs are more than “just terrorists”, dodgy home repairmen from Today Tonight, the guys selling kebabs, serving us at 7-Eleven, driving us home when we’re drunk or keeping us entertained on Fat Pizza. They should get their followers to make a name for themselves, become an elite member of science, medicine, sport, the arts or whatever they enjoy. But just prove us wrong, and help white/bigoted Australia (and Western society) to bury the myth that Islam promotes terrorism.

It also wouldn’t hurt for the media to show a bit of positivity for once. And for the record, I’m a white, non-bogan Australian with plenty of friends of different cultures, race and religions, including Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Christians.

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Hang on. It’s Friday. I’m two days late! Nooooo! I’m sorry. I have no real excuse, other than working heaps, being tired and ensuring my new iPhone doesn’t bend. In the meantime, I’ve been sourcing some photos of new girls to make 3D and for once they weren’t all Japanese. Take today’s entry. She’s a “race queen” (and promo model) from Korea named Ju Da Ha.

Ju Da Ha has that killer smile I so love, and this one has that cute tongue-sticking-out thing going. I had another one to go along with this post, but on closer inspection, a few bits weren’t aligning and it looked kinda amateurish.

Anyway, I hope you like. I’ve plenty more to do, and with a three day weekend coming up, should be able to knock over at least another two.

Ju Da Ha

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iPhone 6

The kind folk at Optus delivered my shiny new iPhone 6 on Friday and this pleases me. It means I don’t have to wait all day Monday for the driver to arrive. The hard part of Friday was the broken sleep from being super-excited, and wondering if the delivery man would come by while I was sleeping, not read my note to call/wake me and leaving a calling card behind instead. But I woke up at 2:45pm, and there was nothing by the front door. Come 3:30pm, I hear knock knock and raced off. There it is!

Coming back inside, I thought it’d be better to finish my toast and do some dishes before opening the parcel. And when I did get to open it, I didn’t drop it like that kid in Perth. Did you hear all the bogans in that video? No pointing and laughing, just yahooing like someone dropped their beer at the bar (minus someone shouting “TAXI!”)

This iPhone 6, it’s working super-sweet, really smooth and all, unlike the old iPhone 5 which was stutter a bit when scrolling up and down. Not sure if that’s an iOS 8 problem or something else.

So how is this new iPhone? Nice. It feels super-thin, very light and the screen looks like it’s popping out thanks do the curved edges. I still think the black iPhone 4 is the best looking iPhone there’s been, though. What this phone needs is a case, and unlike previous ones, Apple’s cases look kinda alright. Also on the shopping list is a screen protector. And I may need to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro. The one I use is great, still works a treat, but four years of solid use (and dated technology) means it lags/hangs in some modern software, even with 8GB RAM and an SSD (probably due to an inferior graphics card).

But anyway. New iPhone 6 is going good. Even my iPad mini connects to it first go on the WiFi and BlueTooth. But I definitely need to go case shopping.

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Relax. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just had a busy day and finally have some downtime to do a 3D post today. With the formalities over, here is Eri Wada.



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