I like Photoshop. I’ve been using it for the past 16 years, yet can’t get past the intermediate level, but I enjoy it immensely and love learning new techniques to make my average photography a little better than average.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of this time past week playing around (much like every other week) and I came across a pic of Azusa from K-ON superimposed onto a photo of NWA, the rap group of the ’90s. Total opposites. One is a wholesome, cute anime character, the other is a bunch of hardcore gangsters (Who went on to do children’s movies.)

This gave me an idea. How awesome would it be to place other K-ON characters amongst bands that are the total opposite? So far I’ve done one, which is Yui with Metallica. I had to scrub out the guitarist to fit her in, but it came out pretty ok, I think.

metallica k-on

And another piece of basic Photoshop editing I did was just to amuse myself.


I tweeted it to Collingwood Football Club, saying I’ve created a poster for the 2015 membership drive, but they never replied. I guess they’re too busy at the local tattoo studio to reply.

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It’s Wednesday! Say hello to Anri Sugihara! This one is not the best because I’ve pretty much thrown it together in the past 30 minutes, but it’s still pretty good. Enjoy!

Anri Sugihara

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Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

I bought a new watch earlier this week. It’s pretty cool, and doesn’t have too many wanky features, unlike the Apple watch. Before the new watch, I’d been rockin’ the Nike+ Sportwatch with the foot pod to measure my mileage. I got the first one in May last year. It was nice, but after 4 weeks began to come apart and the display would fog up. Taking it back to Myer for a replacement, they only had the white one available. I reluctantly took it as I really needed a watch, and didn’t want to wait for more black ones to come back in stock.

It was nice for about a week, then the band became hideously discoloured. It went green, like a pair of pants after sliding through the grass. As weeks went on, bits would chip off and the band begun to come apart and the rubber around the screen began to tear and peel. No foggy display this time, just an annoying feeling, and having to push it back into place.

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

Then come July the memory was full. Usually you just sync to the computer to clear the memory, however this laptop and the computers at work didn’t want to acknowledge it’s presence. The display would go strange when plugged in to charge, flashing on and off and come two weeks ago, it wouldn’t charge. So it was dead. A total waste of $199. I expected a watch of that price, a watch that’s designed for sport yet can’t handle an office job, to last a bit longer than 16 months. Two watches, actually. Going by online reviews, it looks like I’m no alone. Unfortunately the 12 month warranty is over, so the watch is now on the way to the tip.

So I bought a Garmin Vivofit watch. The main watch part clips into the band, which doesn’t have any screws or seams, so it won’t fall apart like the Nike watch (fingers crossed). While it doesn’t have GPS, it does connect to the computer and iPhone and has a pedometer built in, amongst calories burned and sleep tracker. Kinda all the features already in the iPhone, but on my wrist so I don’t have to do much to catch a quick look at the time. And the replaceable batteries last a year!

The only bummers with it is that there’s no light on the display and you’ll need to connect a little device to the USB port to sync with the computer. At the moment I’m really happy with it. I was looking at the LG watch, but it wasn’t a full band, more like a bracelet, and reviews said it keeps rotating and that’d be annoying. The Vivofit is not much thicker than my Scandal wristbands, so I still feel that weird, naked sensation of having taken off a heavy watch.

Garmin Vivofit

While I’m happy, for now, with this new one, I have to tell you to avoid the Nike+ Sportwatch if you want something that’s gonna last. As a watch, the battery life was great – weeks and weeks of time telling – but once you turn on the fitness tracker part, it’s over and out within 8 hours. The build quality is poor and the white band doesn’t stay white for very long. Best you spend your money on something better.

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It’s that time of the year again – New OS X Day. And yesterday I got Yosemite, the full/public release. I’d been using it here and there with the Developer Preview and GM copies, though on an external drive, so I’d only use it here and there and it was super-slow to start up. I’m liking it, but as with many new OS X features since Lion, some are a bit of a wank that I’d never use. Or can’t use. My MacBook Pro is getting old, so things like Continuity can’t be used because of the old BlueTooth I have… not that I’d use it anyway. Start writing an email on my phone, then continue on the laptop? Pass. I only write emails now at work, for work related stuff. I can’t remember the last time I sent a personal email to somebody.

I’m trying to like iTunes, but with the sidebar gone, it’s not the best. I know you can click on Playlists, then select songs or albums or whatever but that’s just too much. Then the categories like Music, Movies, Apps are all replaced by tiny icons, with some hidden by default. The only good thing for me is that iTunes U, Internet Radio and Podcasts are gone.

Safari is great. I like Safari. It’s unfortunate that Glims isn’t compatible with Yosemite. I used it heaps, though the full length browser tabs don’t seem to bother me now. I really didn’t like them in previous versions, hence the reason I had Glims running.

So that’s OS X Yosemite for me.

Not much else is happening in my life, just work and sleep – the usual – though I watched Scrubs yesterday instead of Family Guy/American Dad/Married With Children. Everyone from work went out on Tuesday for farewell drinks for my boss. It’s a bummer to see him go, as he’s only been here a short time and everything seems to be coming back together now. Without him I never would have gone to Japan in 2012. He’s the one who pushed me into going. He sometimes tests me on basic Japanese, just to see how far I’m progressing. He’s all you could ask for in a boss.

And I forgot to do 3D Wednesday the other day. Oops. It’s okay, I’ll just need to do a super-huge one next time.

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Top 20 Albums
On Facebook a few days ago, a friend was tagged for some reason to post his top twenty albums. I like the idea of that, but don’t feel the need for everyone on Facebook to see it, asking where Metallica or whatever band they like is. So here’s my list of my favourite twenty albums. There’s a lot of variety in there.

1. Angel Dust by Faith No More

2. California by Mr Bungle

3. Baby Action by Scandal

4. Temptation Box by Scandal

5. Encore Show by Scandal

6. Cartoom! by Plus-Tech Squeeze Box

7. Now Is The Time! by Aiha Higurashi and Loves

8. Pop Tune by Shonen Knife

9. Raditude by Weezer

10. King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime by Faith No More

11. Still Falling by Virgil Shaw

12. Future Or No Future by Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

13. Smiling Pets by Various

14. Mondo Cane by Mike Patton

15. XX Emotion by FLiP

16. Chico And The Flute by Dieselhed

17. Meni A Maru by Bomi

18. Platonic by Aiha Higurashi

19. Love Toxicity by FLiP


20. Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By by Lovage.

While the list is in random order, I had to put Angel Dust at the top as that is my all time favourite album. Before I heard it, I was into Top 40 radio and my CD collection was full of Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Charles & Eddie (ugh!) and other rubbish. Angel Dust changed my music tastes, let me explore new things… some of which can be defined as “What’s that rubbish?” by others.

A lot of the music I like is related to Faith No More and Mr Bungle, whether it be side projects and their side projects. And I like a lot of the Japanese stuff, even those done predominately in English (like Aiha Higurashi and Shonen Knife).

Some people may disagree with is Raditude. Around the time it came out, I had it playing in my car non-stop for six months. It was a fun, catchy, feel good album and a lot less emotional than Pinkerton (which I’d put as 21).

Some notable omissions include Bewitched, Cult, Cute by Hazel Nuts Chocolate (that’s three albums), Best Day Ever by Mac Miller and Bu-ikikaesu by Maximum The Hormone.

See, I told you I like a large variety of music.

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Awww geez, these weeks are going too quick. It only seemed like yesterday I did last week’s post, and here is Wednesday, back again. Thankfully I had a wee bit of free time to play in Photoshop. Now which lovely lady do I have in 3D today? I have two today. First up is Ayaka Komatsu.

Ayaka Komatsu

And second is Risa Yoshiki.

Risa Yoshiki

Both are super-super-gorgeous. Enjoy!

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