Hi! How are you? It’s been a while, probably because it’s been quite boring in my life lately. All I’ve been doing is work, sleep, TV and playing some games – Real Racing 3 and Contract Killer: Sniper. They’re both the so-called freemium thing, where you pay real money in exchange for gold coins to progress faster. Sigh. I’m not paying real money to get coins for a game. I’d rather pay up front for the full experience rather than pay bits here and there, which adds up quickly.

The Formula 1 finished on Sunday. I’m sad. Summer is going to be long, hot and without the F1 it’ll drag on even more. I really love watching it, but as I’m not a Lewis Hamilton fan, can’t say I enjoyed this season more than the previous few. I hope the news outlets are right when they say Daniel Ricciardo will have a better car next year. It’ll be great if the season is more even amongst the cars. The last five have all been dominated by one team, so some variety is needed (also the cars need to up the volume). Daniel Ricciardo is my favourite, and he had a great season, but when you think about it, he only won those races because Mercedes fell apart. I don’t want to imagine if they’d won.

The bills have really hurt the past month. Car registration came the same time as the electricity bill, as well as internet and phone bills. Next week I think it’s just the internet bill so that’s okay. In the new year most of my domains come up for renewal. I’m going to dump a few. The only one I’m having trouble with has an email address attached to eBay, but I can’t change it. eBay says they’re sending out a confirmation for the new address, but it never comes through. Ugh!

Edit – Just tried again, it worked! Hurrah!

And Jetstar. They just had another 2 for 1 Japan sale on. I missed it, but come next time, I should have some money for it. I definitely want to go again, just need to find somebody to go with. It’ll be so cool to not go solo.

What else is the haps? Work is doing an S theme for the Christmas party. I’m not a fan of fancy dress, so I’ll have to do something simple. I thought of getting a black skivvy, some frameless glasses and a haircut and go as Steve Jobs. That’d be the easiest, but where does one buy a skivvy as Summer is beginning? eBay only has some from China, I doubt it’d arrive by mid-December.

And that seems to be about it. As you can see, there’s very little happening in my life. I need a change. I love it here and don’t want to move, but there’s so few jobs around this area that don’t involve retail or telemarketing. Hmmm.

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Help! The Internet is being a pain today. When I arrived from work this morning, right away it didn’t seem normal – on iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. Many images were broken, about half of the websites I visited wouldn’t load, and the Google search from the Safari address bar would come up with a can’t find the server-type error. Going to and searching from there worked okay, though.

I’ve reset the network connections on both iOS devices, re-joined the WiFi – not to mention renewing the lease – and it still wasn’t 100%. I’ve pulled the plugs and reset the modem/router too. One weird thing is that torrents have been downloading fine, also Chrome, but downloading assets on Real Racing 3 also gave connection errors, so I know it’s not Safari.

How weird!

At the moment it seems to be normal (15 hours after the initial problem) so my fingers are crossed that it’s all good now.


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Why hello there! It’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means! Today’s lovely 3D lady is Natsuki Ikeda. This one is fairly basic, with nothing really jumping out or tucked away, so no real depth. Still, it works good and that’s all that matters.

Natsuki Ikeda

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Scandal Hello World

Another year, another Scandal album. Yay! Preorders gave just begun for the early December release, so I had to order a copy on vinyl. Thankfully I did, as they’ve sold out of the vinyl already. Go Team! I can do the CD/DVD copy at a later date. I don’t have a record player though, so it’ll sit in the box with other records I bought but haven’t listened to.

My BluRay/DVD player is playing up though. It used to read discs from all regions, but it’s somehow reverted back to Region 4. And it won’t accept the CD I used previously to change the region. Grrr. I’ve been looking at new BluRay players anyway, and found some on eBay that have been physically altered to accept foreign BluRay and DVD discs. This is fantastic. I have so many foreign DVDs which I’m unable to play, and the drive on this laptop is locked to Region 4 too. Grrr.

Shonen Knife Tweet Like

In other news, I see Shonen Knife in Melbourne next January. I heard back in August that they’d be touring late 2014, early 2015 (off the record, mind you) and that came true this week. I was planning on going to Tasmania to see them, but then they announced other cities, so I decided on Melbourne. Over Brisbane. Again. I really don’t like Brisbane, it seems. Even Naoko form Shonen Knife favourited my tweet, as you can see above. Rock on!

And that’s been my life for this past week. Just spend spend spend.

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I like Photoshop. I’ve been using it for the past 16 years, yet can’t get past the intermediate level, but I enjoy it immensely and love learning new techniques to make my average photography a little better than average.

Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of this time past week playing around (much like every other week) and I came across a pic of Azusa from K-ON superimposed onto a photo of NWA, the rap group of the ’90s. Total opposites. One is a wholesome, cute anime character, the other is a bunch of hardcore gangsters (Who went on to do children’s movies.)

This gave me an idea. How awesome would it be to place other K-ON characters amongst bands that are the total opposite? So far I’ve done one, which is Yui with Metallica. I had to scrub out the guitarist to fit her in, but it came out pretty ok, I think.

metallica k-on

And another piece of basic Photoshop editing I did was just to amuse myself.


I tweeted it to Collingwood Football Club, saying I’ve created a poster for the 2015 membership drive, but they never replied. I guess they’re too busy at the local tattoo studio to reply.

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It’s Wednesday! Say hello to Anri Sugihara! This one is not the best because I’ve pretty much thrown it together in the past 30 minutes, but it’s still pretty good. Enjoy!

Anri Sugihara

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