What a stressful 12 minutes it was yesterday afternoon. At 4:55pm, all the telcos websites were fine. Same at 4:58pm. Then a minute later, they didn’t exist, too many people were trying to pre-order the iPhone 6. While Telstra and Virgin were dead, Optus was slow. Wayyyy slow. But I eventually got to the page to select the phone and plan I wanted and proceeded to the checkout.

Optus gave two options – log in to complete the transaction, or do it without log in. I did both, in separate windows. The login page kept crashing, while the other was super-quick, seemingly unaffected by the whole kerfuffle. Entering in the details, I noticed no line for suburb, postcode, so I only put in my street address. Oops. I’ll get that sorted once they call back.

The only other problem I have is that I recently moved and am yet to give Optus the heads up on my new address. The bills go to my PO Box and email, but deliveries would go to my old place. It’s hopefully something minor.

Anyway, once the ordeal was over it was instant relief. Glad I wasn’t the only one who struggled. I’m hoping this time ’round the tracking numbers are working (so I can track the delivery) and that I don’t have to hang around all day, only for the phone to be delivered the next afternoon.

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cow faint

Well, not just now, but about 45 minutes ago during the iPhone 6 event. Like, literally fainted. I hopped out of bed for a toilet break, and mid-stream felt some dizziness coming on. So I crouched down, something I do when getting lightheaded, and the next thing I know I’m sitting against the bathroom door with fuzzy hearing. A totally weird experience, considering these days I only faint when I’m at the doctor with a needle in my vein. Back in the day, I used to faint at the mention of blood. No foolin’.

That said, I’m now deciding whether to go for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I’m kinda iffy on the watch because a lot of the features look like they’d be used once. Photos? On a watch? C’monnn. But yeah, I’ll wait to see what Optus and Telstra are offering. I was told that you should go get a good deal from one, then go to your current telco – Optus, in my case – and get them to better it. I’ve been on Optus for six years now and am happy with them, so I’ve no need to change. But it would be good to get a great deal going, maybe extra data per month or something.

Anyway, that’s something to deal with when the local pricing comes out, most likely a few hours before they go on sale if the past has taught us anything.

Other than that, I’m feeling nothing right now from the fainting episode. Should pull out the blood pressure monitor to confirm I’m all good, though.

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It’s Wednesday again, 5:25am to be precise. Time for some more 3D goodness. First up is one of my favourite models, Rina Aizawa.

Rina Aizawa

And next is Shizuka Nakamura.

Shizuka Nakamura

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What car did you learn to drive in?

I did my driving lessons in a mid-90s Toyota Camry as Mum wouldn’t let me drive her Nissan Austar until I had proper lessons. After a few, Mum was comfortable with my brother being my instructor in her car while we cruised the industrial estate around Scoresby.

What was your first car?

It was a JB Holden Camira, bought in early 1996. The air conditioning/heater didn’t work, the seats were mouldy, and it stank, but I played with it a bit, adding wool seat covers to survive the Melbourne Winters, 14″ rims from the SLi 2000 model, Chevrolet badges on the front and rear, painted interior… all the things to make it look nice. Unfortunately, it was built at something like 4:55 on a Friday afternoon. Breakdowns were regular, with the RACV man arriving in time to see if fire up before he’s had a chance to do anything. The local TAFE kids had a play and it ran fine for twelve months. Fine, but bumpy. We had put the angle grinder to use on the springs.


So you’ve upgraded since then?

Twice! The first upgrade was a 1995 Toyota Corolla, the most fun car I’ve owned. Like the Camira, it received the personalised treatment, with MR BUNGLE plates (Okay, MR-BNGL), 16″ ROH Adrenalin rims, Momo Club 4 steering wheel, Momo gear knob, custom leather interior, 2″ exhaust with cannon muffler (Ugh!), extractors and other goodies. Reliability was never a problem, nor was power (or lack thereof). The Corolla was just a fun car to drive.

In 2005, it got traded in for a 1999 Subaru Liberty RX, the car I still have now. I haven’t done any mods, other than putting on a set of 17″ WRX rims and installing a new stereo.

How about your worst car?

Definitely the Camira. It wasn’t pleasant with the random breakdowns, but when it did run, I’d often have to pull over to twist the springs so they would stop rubbing on the tyre. Kids, don’t use the angle grinder on your suspension.

How clean is your licence?

Very! I’ve only had two speeding fines, the last in 2002. I learnt my lesson, and drive like a grandpa now. And that was back when they didn’t have cameras on every corner catching you going 3km/h over the speed limit.

Have you ever had a crash?

I haven’t, thankfully. The most damage I’ve done was reverse into a pole and take out my bumper and tail light. But it wasn’t my fault! At work, someone had knocked over a lamp post. the contractors decided to remove half while leaving a 4ft tall piece of pole sticking out on a 30 degree angle, enough to hide from my mirrors and blind spot check. Reverse out, bang. Nooo! But that’s it.

What’s the fastest you’ve driven?

Ooh, here we go. Back in the Corolla I managed 160 km/h on Wonga Rd in Ringwood as it heads into Warranwood. That was super-fast for me. In the Liberty, I managed 155 km/h at Calder Park (on the shortened track). I thought that was fast, but other people we’re cruising by like I was stationary.

Which country makes the best cars?

For me, it’s a cross between Japan and Germany. I like Toyotas, Porsches and Audis.

What’s your dream car?

The AE101 Toyota Corolla FX-GT. Same as the Corolla I had, but with two doors and the 4AGE 20v motor. To have one of those would be a dream come true.

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Point Cartwright

Well not really. Once again I’m stuck at work at 2:47am on a Saturday night and there’s a hundred other things I’d rather be doing. Like bed. But saying that, even if I weren’t at work, I’d still be doing nothing when I should be out and about. Now that Spring is kicking in with nice, sunny and warm weather (the nights are still chilly though) it’s time to go out more often.

I like the beach, but not the water. Or the amount of sand that gets on the car floor after a visit. I enjoy driving, but my car is making a knocking sound when I turn right (and also some weird squeaky sound when going straight). The alignment is out and I think there’s something else wrong as my front tyres once again are almost bald after 10,000km, while the rears are still like new. The brakes are squealing too. Basically, I need a new car but can’t afford it. My car isn’t worth too much now, so having repairs done won’t add any value should it ever be sold or written off.

Working at night has is advantages, like when there’s no management on site to watch over my shoulder, leaving me to do my own thing – WordPress, Photoshop and/or study Japanese, but with night shift comes no life. My social life involves talking to the staff at IGA and Caltex while buying groceries and petrol. I do hit the town on the odd occasion, but even then I’m staring at my watch because I’m not enjoying the atmosphere, the music or paying more than $4 for a drink. Then I wake the next day regretting how I spent $70 on booze without being too drunk, and how that $70 could have been better spent. Aarrgghhh!

Monday and Tuesday are my days off this week. It’s time to do something, go for a drive to Montville or Mt Coolum, take my camera out, get some much needed Vitamin D from the sunshine, have a fun time and end the day with a relaxing Asahi or two.

Yes, it’s time to live. I’m a very positive thinking person, but lately the little things have been getting me down. I don’t suffer depression or anything, I’m just feeling a combination of loneliness, exhaustion, boredom, being unfit and living life to a routine, while afraid to leave my comfort zone.

That said, I won’t be doing anything with extreme in the title or description any time soon.

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Keeping up with tradition, I am once again going to do 3D Wednesday. What’s 3D Wednesday, you ask? Back in 2008, I started playing around with 3D anaglyph images in Photoshop. They were all bikini and lingerie models, but were 3D-ified (is that a word?) poorly. I’ve been playing with it ever since, working with multiple layers to produce real 3D photos from a single photo. While there is endless Photoshop Actions to do this, they only adjust the Red channels for the whole image, so the whole image jumps out, not the subject. Basically, there no was no depth.

Photos with white backgrounds are super-easy, but when there’s more detail, such as an outdoor scene, that’s when things get difficult. It takes a lot of effort to get the red and cyan outlines to line up correctly, so the background seems further away, while the subject pops out, also editing where some bits are closer to the lens than others (head vs neck, etc).

Anyway, without further ado, Here’s Asuka Kishi. Enjoy.

Asuka Kishi

And as a special bonus, I’ve added in Miyu Oriyama.


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