Scandal Hello World Vinyl

Hiya! It’s all good, I haven’t bailed on you, it’s just been a super-busy three weeks with work and minimal free time. Usually work is a walk in the park, with a fair bit of time to do my own thing, but I’ve been training new staff, which means I can’t really play in Photoshop and do my own stuff at work.

The Hello World record by Scandal arrived in the mail two weeks ago, along with a poster. Yay! I’m not sure how many copies were done on vinyl, but everywhere I looked online had minimal stock from the start, so I’m guess a number like 100, 250, 500 or 1000… Thoughts? It’s errr… okay. Still growing on me. I loved how Baby Action and Temptation Box had me instantly hooked, where with this, I’d heard some singles before it came out so I kinda knew what to expect. My favourite song though is Love In Action. It should have been the first song on the album. I find most of the newer Scandal singles to be “filler” and the B-sides to be the catchy/fun/excellent songs. But yeah.

Mum and Dad came up to The Coast for a few weeks. They went home yesterday. I made them a Chicken Katsu Curry one night. They loved it so much, they didn’t offer me the leftovers, opting to eat it for lunch the next day. But one thing they offered was financial advice. Again. It’s always “Hi, how are you? are you saving? You should be saving heaps, like $300/week!” and “Bills? You shouldn’t have many bills” – not knowing that I have phone, internet, water, electricity, car insurance, health insurance, life insurance and other regulars like food, drinks (non alcohol), petrol, car registration etc…

Then they deposited some money into my bank. It’s in a savings account now, one where I have to go into the branch to make a withdrawal. So yeah. Money!

Speaking of money, my old housemate won me a few dollars on the horses. Score!

Speaking more of money, everything is falling apart on me lately and money needs to be spent. Money I don’t want to spend, but will have to. Things like my TV, which in the past week has decided to grow two horizontal lines of black pixels. Not sure how much longer it’ll last. My work slacks, which are quite baggy, yet split when I sat down in the car on Wednesday. My work shoes now have a sole that’s coming off the side. My car is making horrible noises when turning and the front tyres are almost bald after only 14,000km. Noooo!

I may have to skip that trip to Singapore later this year to see Scandal play live again. As much as I want to go, I’m gonna have to replace the above things in the near future and they’re more important that a concert. I know, I know, it’s Scandal!  I should go no matter what. But if I can hold out a little longer, I could probably see them again in Japan.

Well, that’s enough of Scandal, work and money. What else is there to talk about? Let’s go back to work for a sec because this is so good. We had our Christmas party last weekend. And guess who got Employee of the Year? Yay me! I was the recipient of two FREE nights on the Gold Coast, with full buffet breakfast, dinner for two at a winery on the Gold Coast and a bottle of champagne. The plan is/was to go to Goldie for the two nights before flying out of Coolangatta to go to Japan or Singapore, but as I said before, it’s probably best I get a new TV happening first. And somebody to take to the hotel.

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Scandal Hello World Kawaii

It’s out! Yay! My 12″ was posted from Tokyo on Tuesday and is currently at Australia Post in Brisbane. In the meantime, I’ve bought a copy on iTunes because I have no record player. A few weeks ago I threw together this piece of art while killing time at work. It just came together so well and I like it a lot. Naturally, in hindsight, I could have done a few things different (such as the text on Rina’s shirt) but it’s an oh so cute homage to the Hello World cover.

And earlier today, Scandal just announced more dates for their world tour. While Australia is not included, they are playing Singapore again and friends over there want me to go. Hmmm… Should I?

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I work in a hotel. No, not the one above, a small hotel. And often I read articles on about what hotel staff think about you and do in your room. Their stories are very different from mine though, even though I’ve working in various departments such as housekeeping, maintenance, reception/guest services and night auditing.

I began my hospitality career in housekeeping at Crown Towers, Melbourne, with a six month traineeship and I cleaned many a room. From day one everything had to be perfect (and your attitude professional). All guests were to be treated as VIPs, whether it be the everyday Joe or a Top 10 tennis player, and that’s something I still do today. Any requests were given a yes reply, even if it meant going out of my way and creating extra work (or finding someone that had the solution I was after).

From my experience, we don’t empty your minibar or mess with your belongings. Actually, we weren’t allowed to move belongings, other than to lift and wipe the bench/desk/table underneath, nor do we foul your toothbrush. Your drinking glasses have been cleaned with detergent, rinsed, dried, checked against the light for smudges/prints and re-cleaned if required.

As for room keys, the swipe in/out kind, they’re cheap, very sensitive and deactivate quickly if placed near electronics and/or other magnetic materials (like when placing the room key in a purse next to your phone). It’s all good, we can certainly re-encode the key for you. Where I work, it’s a mix of hotel guests and permanent residents. Some residents choose to rent out rooms privately on a weekly basis, which is fine, but we’re only allowed to assist our guests should any problem arise (other than swipe cards and door locks, which we do for everyone). One night a weekly rental blasted me because his room key didn’t work. Again, that’s an easy five second fix. No please, no thanks, only attitude and threats about Trip Advisor. To me, Trip Advisor is a bit of a wank. While it’s good to get feedback, to see where we’re good and where improvements can be had, a lot of it is just whinging. So threats of a bad Trip Advisor review to me go in one ear and out the other, especially when it’s not one of our guests.

What’s the WiFi password? We don’t have WiFi. Seriously, we don’t. I know I know, it’s 2014, we should have WiFi. I’ve heard it many times before. It’s hard to respond to this, as we do have Internet via ethernet cable… but that’s no help when wanting to use an iPad.

One thing I go by – in my personal and professional life – is never to judge people based on appearances, race, religion etc. Except bogans. When a young man comes to the reception desk wearing shorts, no shirt, Southern Cross tattoo, sunglasses and a can of alcohol in his hand, we’re instantly at full occupancy, just sold our last room ten minutes ago. Why? Because they’re more trouble than what they’re worth. I’m so over noise complaints and drunk people. Same goes for people calling at 2am looking for accommodation. If they sound young, and you can hear other people or music in the background, we’re full.

The one’s that get me are when they’re talking to a friend as well as to me. Conversations always go like this-

Me-  Sorry, we’re full tonight.

Them (to friend) They’re full.

Them (to me) So you don’t have anything?

Me – No.

Them – What if I gave you $50?

Me – No, we’re full unfortunately.

Them (to friend) They’re still full.

Friend – Ask if they’ve got a penthouse!

Them (to me) Do you have a penthouse?

Me – No, we’re full. 100% occupancy. No rooms available.

Other times, they ask why every hotel in this area has no rooms. Because it’s 3am, it’s a Saturday night, it’s school holidays, we have a large conference group in house, there’s a local festival on, it’s Christmas Day… Some people have no idea. And no, I don’t know the room availability and rates of other hotels.

Rant over.

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, try and, especially the latter. I use Orbitz when I travel. They negotiate better rates with hotels (as opposed to Wotif and others) so give ‘em a go. They’re international, so you can use them all over the world. If you book your accommodation with, make sure you read the six confirmation screens that say your credit card will not be charged by And please don’t dispute this with the reception staff when they ask for your card to take payment. We may let you pay later today, “once you’ve settled in and checked your bank statements” but we really know you haven’t paid for your accommodation.

Being somewhat skilled in other departments, I like to assist guests as much as possible. Whether it be dead TV batteries, internet issues, loud neighbours, whatever, I’ll do my best to assist, even if it’s just to visit the room and have a look at the issue – you can get a better understanding on, say, a TV problem when you see if first hand. Sometimes it’s as easy as switching the TV back to TV from the AV channel, or fixing up cables previous guests have removed so they could put on their PS4. Easy stuff, that doesn’t need to wait for maintenance staff to arrive. Worst case scenario, we may room move a guest – often to a better room. I know it sucks when you’ve settled in, the smoke alarm begins beeping seemingly because of a flat battery (and the new batteries don’t stop it) and you don’t want to room move at 11pm, but sometimes there’s no other option, unless you can live with that bip sound every 2 minutes.

And lastly, all we hotel staff want is appreciation. You’d be surprised how a hello, a wave, a please or a thanks makes our day. Leave the attitude in the car and we’ll give you 100% of our attention. After all, it’s our job to treat you like our livelihoods depended on it – because it does – and when we don’t feel appreciated (or if we’re being yelled at by some jerk over something that could be resolved easily) we are less wanting to help and will do the bare minimum – as rushed as possible – to get you out of our sight. All with a friendly smile. While we won’t foul your toothbrush, raid your minibar or make your stay any less comfortable, we may snigger as you walk by and utter something to ourselves about you.

(Burj al Arab photo courtesy of Chris Hopkins/Flickr)

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Hi! How are you? It’s been a while, probably because it’s been quite boring in my life lately. All I’ve been doing is work, sleep, TV and playing some games – Real Racing 3 and Contract Killer: Sniper. They’re both the so-called freemium thing, where you pay real money in exchange for gold coins to progress faster. Sigh. I’m not paying real money to get coins for a game. I’d rather pay up front for the full experience as opposed to paying bits here and there, which adds up quickly.

The Formula 1 finished on Sunday. I’m sad. Summer is going to be long, hot and without the F1 it’ll drag on even more. I really love watching it, but as I’m not a Lewis Hamilton fan, can’t say I enjoyed this season more than the previous few. I hope the news outlets are right when they say Daniel Ricciardo will have a better car next year. It’ll be great if the season is more even amongst the cars. The last five have all been dominated by one team, so some variety is needed (also the cars need to up the volume). Daniel Ricciardo is my favourite, and he had a great season, but when you think about it, he only won those races because Mercedes fell apart. I don’t want to imagine if they’d won.

The bills have really hurt the past month. Car registration came the same time as the electricity bill, as well as internet and phone bills. Next week I think it’s just the internet bill so that’s okay. In the new year most of my domains come up for renewal. I’m going to dump a few. The only one I’m having trouble with has an email address attached to eBay, but I can’t change it. eBay says they’re sending out a confirmation for the new address, but it never comes through. Ugh!

Edit – Just tried again, it worked! Hurrah!

And Jetstar. They just had another 2 for 1 Japan sale on. I missed it, but come next time, I should have some money for it. I definitely want to go again, just need to find somebody to go with. It’ll be so cool to not go solo.

What else is the haps? Work is doing an S theme for the Christmas party. I’m not a fan of fancy dress, so I’ll have to do something simple. I thought of getting a black skivvy, some frameless glasses and a haircut and go as Steve Jobs. That’d be the easiest, but where does one buy a skivvy as Summer is beginning? eBay only has some from China, I doubt it’d arrive by mid-December.

And that seems to be about it. As you can see, there’s very little happening in my life. I need a change. I love it here and don’t want to move, but there’s so few jobs around this area that don’t involve retail or telemarketing. Hmmm.

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Help! The Internet is being a pain today. When I arrived from work this morning, right away it didn’t seem normal – on iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. Many images were broken, about half of the websites I visited wouldn’t load, and the Google search from the Safari address bar would come up with a can’t find the server-type error. Going to and searching from there worked okay, though.

I’ve reset the network connections on both iOS devices, re-joined the WiFi – not to mention renewing the lease – and it still wasn’t 100%. I’ve pulled the plugs and reset the modem/router too. One weird thing is that torrents have been downloading fine, also Chrome, but downloading assets on Real Racing 3 also gave connection errors, so I know it’s not Safari.

How weird!

At the moment it seems to be normal (15 hours after the initial problem) so my fingers are crossed that it’s all good now.


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Why hello there! It’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means! Today’s lovely 3D lady is Natsuki Ikeda. This one is fairly basic, with nothing really jumping out or tucked away, so no real depth. Still, it works good and that’s all that matters.

Natsuki Ikeda

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