Lousy Smarch Weather

March 20, 2015 / no comments

Wow. The end of March is almost here, along with the cooler weather, right? Wrong. It was 36 degrees yesterday, the hottest March day on record in this area… beating the record set two weeks earlier (which in itself beat the hottest day set in 2009 by 2 degrees). Today they’re predicting 34. Where is the relief?

So, what’s the haps for the past 2-3 weeks? I’ve been busy – as usual – with work, sleep and TV. I should be sleeping now (or at least in/on bed), but I had a nap earlier, thus me being wide awake.

Oh, I bought new pants, shirt and shoes for work. I know, we’re getting new uniforms soon, but my pants were fast becoming a joke – the back pocket was hanging off and the velcro fly wasn’t velcro-ing enough. Every time I had to get the keys from my pocket the fly would open. And my jacket, aww geez, when going up the stairs, a pocket got caught on the handrail and tore it to shreds. So there, I have new work clothes. They look nice, but also look a bit I repair Windows computers-ish. But I’ll take that.

New music for the collection – Love and Hates, a Japanese pop group featuring Yuppa/Hazel Nuts Chocolate. It’s, um, different. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to listen to, just not as fun as Hazel Nuts Chocolate, nor does it have the adorable vocals. But when you think about it, nothing else does.

Also new to iTunes is a song by Noah’s Arkweld called Hand. I had it years ago, long before iTunes came along. After looking everywhere for 16 years, both legal and dodgy, I found it on Myspace. And now it’s on my iTunes playlist. Yay!

And that’s my boring life for the past three weeks.


March 3, 2015 / no comments

Summer is over! Kind of. It’s still very warm, with Thursday expecting to hi mid-30s. Mid-April is my favourite time of year as the excess heat and humidity goes away, leaving me to sleep under the doona after a long 5 months of sleeping on top.

I can’t believe it’s already March – this year is going much too quick. But I am looking forward to the return of Formula 1 next week, as well as a 30th birthday party this coming weekend. It’s a fancy dress party, which usually means I’m a party pooper and don’t dress up, but this time is different because it hasn’t got a horrible theme. It’s dress as your favourite tv/movie character. I’m going as Al Bundy.

I bought a NO MA’AM shirt a few weeks ago, searched high and low for the Girlie Girl beer label to print… the largest I could find was some vector art with the logo/label as 1cm x 2cm. So I made my own up and printed it. And Big ‘uns. Al loves his Big ‘uns, and Google Images sent me to an old TV prop auction site where I saved the cover, printed it on an A4 label and stuck it over an old Zoo Weekly. Brilliant! Now I just need to not do my hair after I wake up, cut some holes in an old pair of socks and voila… I doubt many people will know who I’m dressing as.

What else, what else? I’ll be doing Japanese lessons soon. Like, real lessons, one on one. I’ve been using Textfugu on and off for almost two years, doing a few chapters here and there then becoming lazy, but I was given a number of a student at the local uni who is doing lessons and fired of an SMS. This’ll be fun. I’ll be horrible. But still, it’s another way to learn – probably a better way – and maybe the teacher (or should I say Sensei?) has some gorgeous Japanese friends to introduce me to.

And I have an Apple TV now. I only got it because I thought I’d use it to stream video from the Stan app on my iPad and phone. Man, it was a hassle to set up. It didn’t want to authenticate/verify my account, or set the network time, even though the WiFi connection was perfect. And because my password is long and full of random characters, it made entering the password over and over frustrating. Then I made it connect to the phone’s hotspot and it worked a treat first time. And then I read you can tap the iPad on the Apple TV to transfer over my login credentials.. which it did first go. Whew. It had me soooo frustrated for two hours. But now it’s working, I can stream the shows from Stan and that’s all I wanted.

New Theme Time!

February 22, 2015 / no comments

It’s 5:07am and I’ve just finished updating this theme/template. Unfortunately, after a lot of trial and error, I’m missing feature images for almost all posts. But I’m sweet with the overall look of things – just have to edit some colours and whatnot.

I guess more time will need to be spent in Photoshop to retroactively post new feature images. Or maybe I shouldn’t worry about it. I’ve already gone over my monthly mobile data by 1GB, and I can’t afford to fork out even more money, just for the sake of having some pretty pictures.

Anyway, That’s all for now. Enjoy!


February 21, 2015 / no comments

On Wednesday I heard that there was going to be a lot of rain coming on Thursday and Friday- up to 400mm. Naturally, this had me in panic mode. Then it turned into a category five cyclone and was due to land about 500 kilometres from here about 24 hours ago. Well, it hasn’t arrived yet. The rain we’ve had has been pretty constant, but not super-heavy, and the wind is non-existant.

I’ve had my eye on the radar all night and what’s left of TC Marcia looks to be getting close, ready to merge with the current rain system that we’ve had since Thursday night. It’s amazing that nearly 300mm has fallen in the past 36 hours with so little flooding. The basement car park at work which usually goes under with this much rain is surprisingly dry, too.

What I dread is the tropical low bring super-strong winds and heavy rain in time for the drive home from work. And flooding. I don’t want flooding. Spesh when I’m pretty sure someone will take my car spot at home, leaving me to park on the street. I can’t afford to have my car written off. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get that bad. It should be ok. Imagine if I got my car spot and a tree fell on it. That would hurt.

But, worst case scenario is having zero car to take me around town. That will get me needing to buy something new, like a Corolla. I really like Corollas. Just the other day I was checking out CarSales and found a 2011 Levin ZR near home selling pretty cheap. One can only dream.

Well, it’s 3:19am now. I guess I should finish off my work, keep an eye on the radar and make it home safely in three hours. Soooo hoping it’s not too bad.

Another week over

February 7, 2015 / no comments

Hi! I should update this more, but I’m still heaps busy doing stuff. Like sleeping, working and shopping. The last bit of shopping I did really hurt. You see, I had some number plates on lay-by and once pay was in last week and finances checked, I paid it off, with the last payment being $355. The next day my home insurance renewal arrives in the mail. Grrr!

So yesterday I checked the mail and the plates had arrived, along with a TISM badge.

Mami Sasazaki number plates

MAM 18? Say what? It’s meant to be MAMI-8. In Qld, you can do 3 letters/2 numbers, and with the 1 looking like an I, I got these. All the other MAM1-X plates were taken. So what’s MAMI? The guitarist from Scandal – Mami Sasazaki. She’s so awesome! I tried a different combination of various letter and numbers, making up different words – all were unavailable – so I chose this. All I need now is time to get to the transport office, hand over some paperwork and attach them to my car. It’s gonna be fun. My last plates were MRBNGL and they were a hit at the Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Fantomas and Tomahawk concerts.

I’ve spent the best part of the past week playing around with a new design for my portfolio website – same address as here, but ending in .com.au – but it’s a HTML template and is taking forever to manually edit each page. The images from my old site are a bit too small, so I’m having to re-do many from scratch. Lots of trial and error there, but it’s fun. Kinda.

And in Real Racing 3, I’ve sort of hit a wall. In many tournaments I’m one to two races off completing the series, but my car needs upgrades and I don’t have the gold or money for said upgrades. I really shouldn’t have wasted them 180 coins on the AC Cobra, spesh when I only got to drive it in two races. Right now I’m playing with the new Porsche GT4, but seeing that I don’t want to spend money on the car, I’m stuck at 3km/h too slow on the speed snap event. Grrr, again!

Well, that’s about it for my adventures this past week. Stay tuned for next week when I talk about sleeping and vegging again.


January 28, 2015 / no comments

Ritsuko Shonen Knife
I returned yesterday from a quick trip to Melbourne to see Shonen Knife… and some friends and my family. My friends picked me up from the airport on Saturday night and we went over to Glen Waverley to have Japanese for dinner. And beer.

After that, we went back to Stephen’s place where he installed a new SSD inside this computer. I originally had a 60GB drive, now it’s 240GB. No more storing everything on an external drive. Yes!

On Sunday morning, everyone popped over. My brothers, parents and some friends I hadn’t seen in ages. It was the first time in three years my brothers and I were in the same place together and it was really cool. I also got to meet my niece, Addison, for the first time.


We all went out for lunch at a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant in Bayswater while my parents went shopping. That lasted ages.

Then came 3pm when Steve and I visited Burwood K-Mart to buy some goodies from Rakuten and the Asian supermarket. I probably spent too much, but I did come out with goodies like Cookies and Cream Pocky, various soft drinks and mochi. Sweet, delicious mochi.

When it came 5:30pm, we headed to downtown Melbourne for another feed and then to see Shonen Knife. The support bands were hmmm…. different. Shonen Knife were excellent! I’m amazed at how much energy Emi Morimoto has. The whole show she was dancing along while drumming, her smile never leaving. Afterwards, they signed some goodies. I was wearing a shirt from England which they signed.

Shonen Knife Towel

Shonen Knife Shirt

When we got back, I did the obligatory posts to Facebook and Twitter, tweeting some Kansai-ben to Naoko. She favourited it. Sooo happy. (おおきに / Ookini is another word for ありがとう / arigatou / thanks in the Osaka area where they’re from).

Shonen Knife Tweet

Then yesterday morning my parents came over to drive me to the airport. We made a detour to see my uncle and aunty for an hour. The flight home was pretty okay, a little bumpy near the end, but no worse than the Bruce Highway.

All up, a fantastic weekend, with lack of sleep being the only downer. And the fact my camera was totally sucking at photos. I didn’t get to do any of Shonen Knife, even though I’d used RAW, maxed out the ISO and used an F2.8 aperture for 1/60 sec. It was all dark, whereas other concerts I’ve done on this camera were pretty good at quicker shutter speeds.

I’d love to see Shonen Knife again, but when and where? Another great Japanese band, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, have reformed and are now playing a bit in Tokyo, but that’s a bit hard to do at the moment. They’re definitely on my to see list though.